Dale Cosack

 Keith has  helped me many times over the years.  I often have clients who need to get a few things fixed around the house, or who want to update some fixtures before going on the market & every time my clients & I are very happy with Keith’s results.  Keith is my go to handyman & not only do I give his name out to anyone I hear looking for a handyman I have also passed his name around my office to other Realtors who are just as happy with his work as I am.  Keith will become your handyman for life.” September 23, 2011


Gwyn Estenich

 I have  had the pleasure of meeting Keith and knowing him on a personal and profressional level.  His personality is one that is sound and grounded, respectful and admirable.  On a professional level Keith has completed two jobs for us and both have been done in a timely fashion, completed throughly and with outstanding craftsmanship!  I would recommend Keith in any compacity of a handymans work.” February 11, 2012


Denise Titus

 Keith is great!  Have hired him for my clients as well as my own personal residence. If you are looking for a Handyman, give Keith a call.” March 17, 2012


Ben D. Stucker

“A client of IFGs needed a basement hand rail installed on a set of stairs and Keith not only provided a fair price, but also worked with the client in a manner which made our company look good.  I am looking forward to finding more opportunities to hire Keith in the future.” August 2, 2012